About Us

Crown & Country has been founded on the principles of no growth without change, we have begun our journey into altering the shooting landscape for the betterment of our future. With an emphasis on traditional views we take a modern approach in how we interact with our surroundings and the beings within them.

Owner and founder Brock Thompson was born and raised in Portland, Victoria. His father, a concreter, football coach and a stoic individual, is responsible for fostering Brock’s ideals in unflinching honesty and never backing down from the things you want. This ultimately led him to a career of servitude as a member of the Royal Australian Army for 13 years as a Infantryman.

During his time in the armed forces, he served in Afghanistan as a combat medic and as a part of a training team stationed to oversee the Afghan infantry troops for direct combat.

At home in Australia, he served in numerous positions as a leader, instructor and in regimental roles with the 5th Battalion, Darwin, Combat Training Centre, Townsville and at 8/9th Battalion, Brisbane.

After his time in the army, he pursued a new passion that keeps some of those skills alive he spent so many years honing and that is clay shooting.

The aim of Crown & Country is to bring more options into the Australian clay shooting market, by sourcing the best options for shooters to choose from. Teague ChokesKick-Eez® Recoil Pads, Seeland Apparel and our very own Australian designed, made and sourced C&C gear are the best quality options we can possibly find.
We also strongly support youth development and are pushing for a greater level of female involvement in all of our shooting disciplines. Backing those that determine our future is a critical must in eyes.

Talking the talk is easy, walking it is who we are!

Australian Veteran Owned Business