Gun Fit - Pitch Adjustment

The Fit of a Gun

There are many factors involved in shooting any long gun accurately, and one foundation item which is often paid too little attention is the fit of the gun to the shooter. In this article, we will discuss adjusting the pitch of your stock.

What is Pitch?

When discussing long guns, pitch is the angle at which the recoil pad sits on the stock to direct the actual recoil generated when the rifle or shotgun is fired. Pitch controls how the recoil shock is received against your shoulder making pitch a highly important factor for shooters managing recoil, preparing between shots, and looking to improve the overall comfort when shooting a rifle or shotgun.

Adjusting Pitch

The easiest and most cost effective way to do change the pitch of your stock is to purchase a KICK-EEZ® Pitch Spacer and add it to your stock. These jet black spacers are made from a strong lightweight plastic polymer. They are easy to fit, grind and finish. They have superior machining and sanding characteristics for a GREAT LOOK. The universal slotted holes at each end make it easy to match almost any hole location. The uniform ends make one spacer either positive or negative depending on which end is up. Use one or more for your personal pitch.

KICK-EEZ Pitch Spacers

KICK-EEZ Pitch Spacers are made from a strong, lightweight plastic polymer, and they are easy to grind, fit and finish. The real beauty of our pitch spacers is that they can be mounted either “up or down” on your stock in order to create the pitch you desire, whether a positive or negative pitch. The 25mm universal slotted holes at each end of the pitch spacers makes it easy to match almost any hole location. The pitch spacers are available in thicknesses of 6mm or 12mm(measured at the heel of the spacer) and both spacers taper down to about 0.8mm.


All Kick Eez Pitch Spacers are available at Crown & Country Australia.